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Animox a division of ORANGE dealing with Animal breeding is a branch of animal science that addresses the evaluation (using best linear unbiased prediction and other methods) of the genetic value (estimated breeding value, EBV) of livestock. Selecting for breeding animals with superior EBV in growth rate, egg, meat, milk, or wool production, Breeding and selling of animals, Development of Mab, Animal-based 3rd party test, Preclinical studies.

Animals used in dev. Of Rabies vaccine & Biosimilars

Animal breeding aims at a well-designed and targeted development of farm animal populations so that it is possible to produce animal products with healthy animals under the expected conditions while meeting the economic requirements. Changes in the external conditions, new technologies and methodological progress cause a permanent need for research and development. The Animal Breeding and Genetics Group in the Department of Animal Sciences provides innovative contributions to the advances in scientific animal breeding. Our research is done in collaboration with leading scientific groups. 

Importance of Animaux

Animals and livestock contribute 40 percent of the global value of agricultural output and contribute to the livelihoods and food security of almost a billion people worldwide. Advances in animal breeding, genetics, and genomics are facilitating a more efficient industry. For example, the number of cattle has decreased over the past decade, yet the total production of beef and milk has increased. This was largely possible because genetic advancements led better animal feed efficiency (link is external), which is critical to improving livestock production and lowering costs for producers.
Animal biotechnologies are tools used in genetic selection. Scientists and animal breeders use biotechnology to produce healthier animals, make breeding easier and to produce more food for people. Animal breeders can improve the breeding process through techniques like artificial insemination, cloning, and genetic engineering.

Scope of Animal Breeding

Instant revenue generator
The high demand for Good quality laboratory animals
More than 150 institutions procure animal from out of Gujarat
A large no of a biotech company in Gujarat needs animals
The high-profit margin of 200 – 400 %
The good growth potential of laboratory animal-based testing
High demand & profit margin of Mab & polyclonal antibody
Preclinical study
Good market potential in Gujarat for preclinical study & Animal-based test
High return (300 %) e.g.
Small study 5-7 lac / study & spend 1-1.5 lac
New Molecule study 50 – 70 lac & spend 8-10 lac

Our main research areas are:

1. Design and optimization of breeding programs

2. Breeding to improve functional traits in farm animals

3. Development of breeding methodology in the genomic era

4. Genetic diversity and population genomics

5. Responsibility for the breeding of the Goettingen Minipig

6. We also provide scientific support and consultation services to industry

¨ Breeding and selling of animals
¨ Development of Mab. (Monoclonal antibody)
¨ Animal-based 3rd party test
¨ Preclinical studies

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