We provide businesses with access to capital to jump-start their idea, and offer strategic guidance through our support network, creating dynamic partnerships. Through our credibility and strong network, we enable businesses to achieve their business objectives. We believe in social entrepreneurship and translate it in all we do, across our portfolio of companies.

Seed stage

At Getrobiz, we have an interest in the ideas of the people behind the business and are open to any viable ideas no matter how small. This way, we offer seed-stage investment to businesses that are still in the conceptual stage of business development. We have a dedicated team of professionals whose efforts are focused on offering full support and advice to help your business along the way.


Many businesses find it difficult to find their feet when starting out, especially in the ever-changing market. We offer investment to those business ventures that are established but are at their earliest stage of development. Understanding how important your business is to you, we make sure that you are fully supported to achieve your business goals and targets.

Expansion stage

To those businesses that are already fully functional, and have typically been trading for three years or more, we offer expansion investment. This can provide you with that extra push you need as a business to get where you want to be in your chosen market.

Replacement capital

We also provide replacement capital for the purchase of company holdings from stockholders who wish to leave the company.

 Investment Diligence Process

We generate a large number of investment ideas across our global platform and through our wide network and database. At Getrobiz, we believe in a dynamic and decisive approach to investment and operate a straight forward and effective business model. Our new ventures come to us in two ways:

· As a result of our in-house Business Development Managers recognizing and capitalizing on potential opportunities that arise from studying industry trends and economic conditions.

· Through a direct approach from private entrepreneurs or enterprises seeking to partner with us – not only for investment but also for our practical expertise and local knowledge that we can contribute.

Think you have a feasible business plan?

We are always looking for IDEA behind determined, practical and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are looking for guidance, support, and investment.
If an investment is sufficiently well developed, it is brought before our internal investment team and external Investment assessor who then assess the opportunity based on the below criteria:

1. Is the company/ entrepreneur in one of our sectors of industry expertise?
2. Do we have insight into the risks and opportunities for growth?
3. Is it within our targeted size range?
4. Is it a market leader with the potential to grow?
5. Is it a global company or does it have the potential to be one?
6. Can we add value to management and governance?
7. Is this a sustainable business? Does it meet our sustainable long term investment criteria?

Social Entrepreneurship

We believe in giving back to the community and provide opportunities for contributing to the development of the economy.

Dynamic Partnership

We implement a dynamic and decisive hands-on approach to investment with our partners and strive towards mutual strategic benefits to further nurture the growth of the businesses we invest in.

Access to Capital

GETROBIZ provides you with the capital required to jump-start your business either through our own fund or by bridging the potential investors.


Given our reputation, diversified portfolio of ventures, and in-depth market expertise, we offer strong credibility that translates across our partnerships.

The Personal Approach

We commit our time, resources, and expertise to each one of our companies using a strong support model, and always maintain a personal approach to ensure their potential is maximized. Our business professionals have a vast range of skills to help our companies through every process.

Support Network

GETROBIZ empower entrepreneurs and partners alike using our Support Network and provide them with strategic guidance through Industry Expertise, Business Development & Strategic Counselling, Strategic Marketing, Recruitment as well as Financial Planning, thus; enabling them to realize their full potential.

Investor information 

Our Investment Strategy

Getrobiz has been committed to helping businesses through all stages of their development. Mirroring the region’s and Global growth, we venture into businesses across various industries and are experienced in developing entrepreneurial ideas into successful entities as well as enabling brands to enter the market. By continuing to look for opportunities, we use our insight as growth drivers of the underlying business. We believe that this is a more robust source of returns, over the business cycle than sole reliance on financial leverage; thus, we invest with the primary intention of creating a measurable social impact. 

Our Start-Ups

Studying industry trends and economic conditions, our in-house strategy team is highly experienced in recognizing and capitalizing on potential business opportunities that are presented to us. Evaluating every opportunity on its merit to grow, the team of experts is in both identifying and developing successful business ideas into live, profitable entities.

Investments for Entrepreneurs

Our industry expertise and extensive network enable us to attract partnerships in all stages of their business cycle. Hence, we are in a position to take your business a step further and empower your organization to achieve and maintain healthy levels of growth.
In addition to our own Start-Up’s, we offer Investments to entrepreneurs and enterprises in the following stages of their business cycle:

Investment & development process

We follow a seven-step process to grow and develop businesses:

How we develop

We follow a seven-step process to grow and develop businesses:
1. Define the potential business
2. Develop the business plan
3. Improve performances
4. Harness the talent
5. Market and develop strong brands
6. Focus on company results
7. Optimize returns on improved business

Our Way of development

Our team of professionals is on hand to facilitate the growth process of our companies whilst dealing with today’s challenging market conditions. Through our Integrated Support Network, we facilitate growth and knowledge transfer to our subsidiaries, achieving economies of scale as well as unmatched quality across our investment portfolio.

Integrated Support Network

The Integrated Support Network consists of Financial Planning, Industry Expertise, Business Development & Strategic Counselling, Strategic Marketing and Recruitment aid that our subsidiaries can benefit from.

Industry Expertise

With our Integrated Support Network, we possess a team of business professionals who offer a wealthy set of managerial experience and specialized expertise across a variety of industry sectors. The team aids the businesses’ management with the tools of the trade and industry insight necessary to make both informed day-to-day as well as strategic business decisions.

Strategic Counseling

We offer a turnkey framework for strategically consulting and developing our ventures towards achieving their goals and objectives. Our strategic counseling framework covers all critical stages of development of any given business, which ranges from intellectual property (IP) management, strategic planning, investment strategy formulation, licensing, R&D, to regional expansion drive. We thus ensure that the core business areas and touchpoints are optimized tactically and strategically to achieve the desired ROI as well as maintain a sustainable growth roadmap towards profitability.

Strategic Marketing

We also offer strong and scalable strategic marketing support to ensure that any given business penetration or operation in a given market is thoroughly guided and navigated with the proper set of tools and resources to ensure on-going market growth and strategic brand is management geared towards achieving the businesses’ relevant business and financial targets. We offer a variety of marketing-related support services ranging from market research, creative development, group strategy sessions, strategic marketing planning, all of which enable our ventures to gain market share, build brand equity, and a measurable return on marketing investments.


We employ an industry-specific recruitment framework aimed at uniquely identifying and aligning highly-specialized expertise in the right places of an organization. This translates across our portfolio of ventures. Highly committed to empowering our people, we ensure that a swift, specialized, and thorough decision-making model is pursed both tactically and strategically.

Financial Planning

Our hands-on approach focuses on ensuring a thorough mindset is in place and geared toward the successful financial management of our investment portfolio across a spectrum of investment stages.
Whether it is a strategic venture valuation, ROI analysis, risk management or business model management, we encapsulate a comprehensive financial planning model that is driven towards achieving venture-wide financial goals optimized towards strategic returns on investment and sound business controls.

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